Sunday, August 13, 2006

All politics is schoolyard politics. Bullies may be feared by those who face the brunt of their attacks but they are respected, however grudgingly, by everyone else. The Democrats come off like bright children who can't understand why their logic, and justice, is ignored. They whine, and so do their defenders.
The bullies and their camp followers laugh. Everyone else waits.


  1. Anonymous10:22 PM

    Yes, they do whine (or should I say "we"? I guess it depends on whom one considers their defenders), and then go on to forget their trangressions against other, still weaker people, countries, charismatic fauna, etc. I prefer the sensationalist Lord of the Flies analogy, with the only qualification being that realism would require giving Roger much more work to do.

  2. Politics by its nature is corrupt. Politicians understand that, but the Democrats hate to think of themselves as hypocrites. American leftists are idealists not politicians, and that and the myth of objectivity -which reformers buy into as much as anyone- drags the democrats down. Clinton was the last major politician as such in the Democratic party, and he played the game as Republican Lite.

    I'm a bourgeois leftist. I don't defend corrupt Democrats and I don't defend liberals. I'll happily defend a compromised, corrupt, Socialist when I see one.


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