Saturday, October 08, 2005

"What, if anything, does secular philosophy have to put in the place of religion?"

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I've run into a few things like this recently.  Does a 'village atheist' have a philosophy? Is his morality as such in question? Should it be? Philosophers are either priests or ex-priests: they see the disenchantment of the world is either a tragedy or a goal; they are unwilling or unable to see their truth-seeking in historical context. I'd be amused to see a poll of the religious beliefs, or lack thereof, of novelists or actors. The disenchantment of the world never happened and never will and god has nothing to do with it, just as he or she has nothing to do with religion (except in the minds of a tiny percentage of eccentrics)

The original sin is not curiosity but its opposite as lived and professed by popes, professors and market theorists. And as far as rights are concerned it makes more sense to focus on freedom of inquiry, the right of the people to acquire knowledge, than on freedom of speech, which devolves quickly into the right one man to be stupid. The right to listen is more important, more foundational, than the right to be heard. It's a subtle shift but it's important.

Oh God, why the fuck am I reading this shit? Do neoliberal technocrats and rationalist pedants bore me so much that I have to start mocking conservatives?
They're all the same at this point.

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