Sunday, October 16, 2005


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  1. In a way this is similar to the situation with the small pox vaccine. Hasn't been used in years (I think approx 20-25) but there is still a heap of it on hand in case someone (terrorists in other words) starts to try to spread it. but, at this point no one knows if those vaccines will work and reality is there are not enough left for very many people to get them.

    At the moment they are earmarked for (now this will totally surprise you) governement officials, military muckety-mucks and well-choosen medical professionals. It is hoped that those of us born before it stopped being given to children have managed to retain the immunity but no one can be sure (thus the reason to readminister it to the above mentioned gang).

    So, does our beloved government pay to whip up enough for us all, incurring a huge cost for somthing that is only at this point theoretical? Or do they hope that the remaining bit of the virus out of their control (in other words in a freezer in russia) stays out of the hands of the BAD guys?

    And hey, I know all too well about the sleeziness of drug companies. One of these days I will tell you about the considerations taken by the sales and marketing department in relation to African markets and the liklihood of a fall in population dur to AID's related deaths.


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