Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A few day ago courtesy of Prof. Bainbridge I found this defense of Congress' authority by John McGinnis of the Heritage Foundation.
Now, from Jack Balkin we have this from Mike Paulsen and John Yoo.
Also from J.B. just for laughs.
There was always a litmus test. We knew it, and now they admit it.

I'll also repeat (sort of) what I wrote yesterday:
There is no way to resolve once and for all the conflict between authority and indiividual responsibility in a democratic country. It's a moral and philosophical problem that must be faced by each individual every time the question arises.

Conservatives have been trashing the rules of debate for years: dismissing argument as such, lowering everything to the level of insult and equating dissent with disloyalty, all of course while claiming to take the high road. Now they've left themselves no room to move.

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