Sunday, October 23, 2005

Desire or Convention
Freedom or Equality

Equality implies a pulling up and/or down depending on one's prior status. This is bourgeois Anglo-Saxonism at it's worst: one is either removed from one's past, history, ritual, custom -one is free- or one is not. But if you follow behavior rather than ideas, actions more than explanations, you realize that this removal is a fiction. Libertarianism is the elevation of this fiction to theology.

What I admire and appreciate about both Lewontin and the man who considers himself his mortal enemy is the sense they share that for all their education, perhaps brilliance, not much divides the two of them with the rest of humanity. Each in their way is believably humble. And if you don't think Trivers has found a way to manufacture his humility out of arrogance you miss the fucking point.

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