Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Quickly, on Reagan, and later more on Soros.
The only reason not to speak ill of the dead in this case is political, but one gets the sense that many liberals are actually being sincere in their respect. How nice. How civil How absurd.
I hope to god Kerry was lying through his teeth as he performed the politically necessary courtesy of eulogizing The Gipper but somehow I doubt it. Liberals, rich ones especially, live in a world of illusion. Their republican cousins laugh, and Mad King George is one result.

Update: From what I'm listening to on the radio right now, other people agree.
I've said this before in comments on the 'realist' opposition to the war, but the extremism of the Bush agenda means that the fight for the moment is not between the left and right but between the extremist-absurdist right and everyone else. In a crisis, moderates need to learn to fight for moderation, and they become more interesting for the effort. Kerry needs to understand this. The American people need to understand this as well. Otherwise we'll continue along the line of the banalization of democracy...
the democratization of banality.

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