Sunday, June 20, 2004

In Unrestrained, the Life of a Priest, 77-year-old Mariani tells of his sexual exploits, with both women and men, sometimes in lurid detail: 'She put her arms around my neck and asked: "Do you like the drink?" Then she leaned over me and sucked on my lips, asking: "And don't you like this even more?"'
But, far from antagonising the faithful, Mariani has received almost universal praise from his flock in the Villa Belgrano neighbourhood of the city of Cordoba. 'This country has to fight against hypocrisy,' said the mayor, Luis Juez, after attending a mass given by Mariani, during which the priest was cheered and applauded by supporters.

'I challenge any member of the church who claims to have lived correctly to open up his life the way I have done,' Mariani said from his pulpit. 'I don't regret anything. I'm ready to have my head cut off.'

The Guardian

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