Thursday, June 03, 2004

Josh Marshall and Brad Delong are wondering why Chalabi hasn't been arrested in connection with his apparent gift to the Iranians of one of our most precious secrets: that we'd broken the Iranians' codes.
It's a good question, but it has a simple answer: Chalabi didn't break any of our laws."
Mark Kleiman

I was just going to give him credit and leave it at that, but then I read the next post:

For those who think the choice between Dean and Kerry was mostly one of style: Kerry's friends are trying to unseat Rep. Jim "we only invaded Iraq because of the Jews" Moran, while Dean is headlining a fundraiser for him. Note that Moran is still defending his remark as "the truth."

If Kleiman were arguing that not telling 'the truth' makes Kerry electable, I might agree. But he's not making that argument.
Dean is no longer running for president, and Moran is right.

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