Friday, November 07, 2003

Lawrence Korb Day 3.
At this point I'm more than a little worried that what our Asshole in Chief is planning is a replay of Nixon's "Christmas Bombings." In order to keep the war out of the election he'll up the ante on the Iraqi opposition, declare victory and pull out. It's a recipe for disaster. In the future we'll be able to remind those who defended him of the promises he's made, and of his lies.
I'm reminded again that with all of my arguing against the absurdity of ' logical actor theory,' -see below- all I'm doing is demonstrating my faith in it, in it's Chomskian variety. Why else would I continue to bang my head against the wall if not for my assumption that "if only they knew the facts, they would change their minds." [And of course I hate Chomsky.] Every time I remember this, I laugh. People, especially those with a taste for philosophizing, never learn from their mistakes.

I say now that although I've come to terms with my own mistakes and failures, and with my constant confusion of intellect and desire -and come to terms in the sense of taking pleasure from them- I'm still shocked by those who do not have the same sense of ironic detachment, and shocked in the sense of being disgusted, and furious- at the educated classes most of all. I still know how to hate. I do it well, and too much.

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