Thursday, November 06, 2003

I'm betting on China.
Interesting news today, at least for me. I never have much money, and what I have a rarely save. I have no debt; I don't even have a credit card; I own nothing. But if I don't have money I have plenty of cultural capital, and to the degree that I've used it, it's what has kept me afloat the past 20 years. Still, at 40, I've begun to worry.

I only have a few thousand dollars at the moment. Sometimes it goes down to a few hundred, but I survive. As of today, however, I have $3000 in a Roth IRA at Wachovia Securities. I won't say what I got. Nothing fancy, but I'm in early. Cultural capital at work.
I have other plans. I am an expert in a field that requires social skills I don't enjoy using; in certain instances my avoidance of them is almost pathological. That needs to change I guess.
We'll see what happens. Thinking practically, I've been poor my entire adult life. And I'm tired.

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