Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Leiter's language today.

An Israeli "Intelligence Ministry" document explores the possibility of relocating all the Palestinians in Gaza to the Sinai Peninsula.  This may not be the "official" policy, but for obvious reasons, that it is even being considered will greatly alarm the Palestinians and the Egyptians. 

Some people tell you to separate the Israeli state from its actions now, or the Israeli people from the actions of the state, or Zionists here and elsewhere from the actions of Israelis, but they're all of a piece.

Most states are founded in conquest. Israel is the only state that demands liberals celebrate not the richness of its culture but the crimes that brought it about. And that's why the culture is so thin. It doesn't even have the richness of a dissident culture. Any real dissident just has to leave. 

Israel is a society built on ideology, and the ideology will only fade after the state itself is gone.

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