Friday, August 25, 2023

Working all day makes it easier just to troll than think, but mindless repetition being what it is, sometimes ideas pop into your head.

"Woke" is the knee-jerk response of guilty liberals—if post-war Germans can be defined as liberal—goaded by justified anger of marginalized groups—make your own list—who craft technical fixes to avoid the burden of coming to terms with a given problem. From reconstruction to Brown v Board, the conquests of Liberia and Palestine, to the sterilization of teenagers.

The anti-woke left are all Zionists and aligned with reactionaries: anti-idpol with white identity.[includes Jäger on Charles Maier. see below]  It's not even interesting watching Leusder and Jäger anymore; too often one click away from certified race science and fascism. I could write a long list of readers of Razib Khan and Richard Hanania. The last link is to Buppie Bourgeoisie in the NY Times, who does movie reviews with Ganz, the "leftist". 

Adam Tooze follows Khan. And Khan follows Emil Kirkegaard; the link is his memorial for Richard Lynn.
Jilani and Scott Alexander again
Leiter used to be a fan of Lemoine, now a partner in Hanania's absurd little substack  "The Center for the Study of Partisanship and Ideology", but that changed at some point.
He still links Freddie deBoer, a man on "the actual left".  deBoer interviewed by Razib Khan as a member of the "hereditarian left" 

Two repeats, now as a pair.

In the end there's not much thought in any of the above. The thinking was over mostly years ago. It's just plug and play.

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