Monday, August 14, 2023

Comedy gold

Alloway and Weisanthal, Odd Lots Bloomberg: "Ricardo Hausmann Explains Why Economic Complexity Is So Important"

In general, what we find is that only about a fifth of the countries that were poorer than the US, say, in 1970, have really caught up. Narrowed the gap with the US. Since 1970 onwards, only 20% of countries narrowed their income gap with the US. Those 20% of countries that narrowed their income gap with the US increased their complexity very significantly. The other 80% did not. So I will tell you that sustained growth implies this process of absorbing knowledge, distributing into your society, mobilizing that knowledge to make more things and more complex things because your more complex things are essentially things that require more knowledge and things that require more knowledge require deeper networks of humans collaborating, whether it's in a single firm or in a longer value chain.

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