Monday, July 10, 2023


Crooked Timber is celebrating 20 years, with posts by Bertram,  Quiggin, Henry, Brighouse, Maria Farrell, Holbo.

I could run down my list of lowlights; it's long. One will do. 
Ted Barlow "(of glorious memory)" [HF] 
The Islamic world has ample reasons for legitimate criticism. Anti-Semitism, sexism, lack of democracy, lack of opportunity, nurturing of terrorism… these are sad realities, not the hallucinations of right-wingers. Anger and criticism are appropriate, but our approach has to start with the assumption that Muslims are not going away. Short of deliberate genocide, there’s no way forward in the long run except for “hearts and minds.”

They've changed over the years, but since they don't want to remember ever being wrong about anything, it doesn't register.

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