Tuesday, July 04, 2023

The Forward, "Why did Stanford students host a group of neo-Nazis?"
Conversations about white supremacy in America today typically center on right-wing media and incendiary politicians who blast out racist dog whistles.

But hate doesn’t need demagogues to get mainstreamed; it has also found an outlet at elite universities.

On June 29, Stanford University hosted a delegation from the Azov Brigade, a neo-Nazi formation in the Ukrainian National Guard. The panel, during which Azov’s neo-Nazi insignia was projected onto the wall, was attended by noted political scientist Francis Fukuyama, who posed for a photograph with the delegation.

This event — and the disturbing lack of reaction from Jewish organizations — showcases the limits of America’s commitment to combating white supremacy.

Call it the Ukraine exception.
Moss Robeson, a thread with links:
Yulia Fedosiuk, famous Azov Regiment wife currently touring the US for a 2nd time, makes reference to alt-right / neo-Nazi meme on her way back to Stanford


—Denys Redis Prokopenko - 32! 

Legend of Ukraine, the Army and Dynamo.

For us it’s a great honor that Denis has come from our movement. The guy with whom we had fights in the city, away matches and concerts with. Today he represents real hope for Ukraine. His leadership in the defence of Mariupol will go down in military history. The officer with a flame of Idea in his heart and cares deeply about the fate of Europe. 

We are very thankful to our comrades from Zagreb, Berlin and Madrid for your congratulations. We will always appreciate who have been with us in than hard time. 

Redis will see it personally and he will be shy because he doesn’t like “birthday parties” like many other warriors. Especially when our country is spilling blood. His biggest wish is to return to battle. 

“Ukraine belongs to us 
Brave, real and loyal 
Who have chosen honour and courage”. 

We wait for you at home, comman𝕯er!—

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