Saturday, May 06, 2023

"The conservatism of Nick Cave" NFS means no fucking shit.

I don't care about his rationalizations. The demimonde is always full of monarchists. 

Cave is a complex public figure and one of the finest living songwriters and performers 

He's always been a poser and a fake, a progenitor of Anna and Dasha, playing at nihilism. Tom Waits at least was a drunk. 

Duchamp was a monarchist. Warhol went to Mass every week. Gilbert and George are monarchists. Patti Smith has had friends in the Vatican for decades. Rupert Everett is an ex rentboy and a patron of the British Monarchist Society. Stephen Frears is a "Queenist", and John Waters votes Republican. Louise Brooks was an honest whore. 

"It is painful to note that we find similar errors in two opposed schools: the bourgeois school and the socialist school. 'Moralize! Moralize!' cry both with missionary fervor."

Above: Punk Rock and moral conservatism, 2021

Punk Rock and the rich, 2012

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