Tuesday, April 11, 2023

A moratorium on immigration of native-born college graduates from outside a hundred mile radius of the city; visas for visits of up to two weeks. Open borders for high school graduates and dropouts, and anyone from any other country, huddled masses yearning to breathe free, etc. English not required.

City government will expropriate the real estate of Columbia and NYU, and their endowments, and give the schools to CUNY.

And it was short so why not add this:
Adolf Reed promotes Bayard Rustin, Zionist and member of the Committee for the Present Danger.

From Leiter of course, and I'll repeat the obvious, updating again:
Golda Mabovitz changed her name in 1956.
Joseph Raz was Joseph Zaltsman. David Ben-Gurion was David Grün; Ariel Sharon was the son of Shmuel Scheinerman; Amiri Baraka was LeRoi Jones; Uri Avnery was Helmut Ostermann; Louis Farrakhan was Louis Eugene Wolcott; Malcolm X was Malcolm Little; Netanyahu was Mileikowsky; Muhammad Ali was Cassius Clay; Martin David (Meir) Kahane passed, as "Michael King"; Mark Regev was Mark Freiberg.

The Panthers: bad. The JDL ...? 

The "Sons of Odin" and the JDL
The finance minister of the Black Panther party was a Jew. And in NY so were the bomb makers (Bronx Science). Stories told to me by two women, both Jewish, who've never met, but knew the people involved: the finance minister, and the bomb makers.

The Panthers asked my father to stash guns in our basement. He said no. But telling the story, his reasons changed depending on his mood. Yes, it was silly.

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