Saturday, April 01, 2023

NYT, Marci Bowers, "What Decades of Providing Trans Health Care Have Taught Me"

Also Marci Bowers, "Every single child who was blocked at Tanner Stage Two has never experienced orgasm, I mean it’s really about zero."

Tanner Stage Two: 11-year-olds

Bowers is trans.

"I wrote a book review last year for the FT... and it was a not very good book about male violence against women...."

Decades ago it would be male editors removing statements of fact made by women; editors still remove statements of fact made by Palestinians, Iraqis, and now Russians and Ukrainians: reports by inconvenient people on uncomfortable subjects.  But naive realism notwithstanding—start at the beginning—it's remarkable how the fight for women has become the fight for fantasy to be recognized as state certified reality. Don't blame Foucault. This is liberalism.

And Rachel Dolezal is still white. 

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