Thursday, March 03, 2022

Imitation of life/Everything is going according to plan

Illustrations of nostalgia and technocracy: 2014, and 2022
From Farrell/Brighouse/Quiggin and George Scialabba to Cooper/Bruenig and this.

The last time, in 2021: "I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked," etc. 

This works too. Click the link at the bottom and it takes to Alfred Kazin from 1960
Whatever Greenwich Village may once have been or may now be supposed to have been, anyone who has recently strayed down MacDougal Street on a Saturday night knows that now it is a playground. What Coney Island was once to the honest workingman, Greenwich Village is now to the unmarried or ex-married young professional. The Village streets, pads, coffee houses, and bars are jammed with people who look a million times more sensitive, artistic, and "interesting" than William Faulkner or Igor Stravinsky, but who live by teaching economics, analyzing public opinion, writing advertising copy, practicing psychoanalysis, or "doing research" for political candidates. They are not intellectuals, but occasionally dream that they will be. That is their secret ambition. Meanwhile, being young and frisky, they are not yet the "managers" in our highly organized technical society. But they have the skills someday to become managers.

And since Lehman in the New Republic, is linking to Adam Curtis, I should call, and raise. Especially appropriate considering Putin's words to Macron this morning.

Every image below is a vision of hell. And they're all in the links above as images of utopia. Are you all so fucking stupid that I have to telegraph this shit?

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