Saturday, October 20, 2012

Towards a Common Archive/ Filmed Testimonies by Zionist Fighters in 1948 [the link is dead but the video is below. And the transcription is still up, on another page.

Yerachmiel Kahanovich:
Ramle. We entered the houses only in one place, in Balad al-Sheikh, near Yagur. There it was really, murderous and all that. And he said, you go there with axes.

E: Who did? 

YK: Only one man could – Yigal Allon. And I assume there was no misunderstanding between him and Ben Gurion, no. "So go there with axes, let them get lost, leave no trace. As much as you can, don't use any bullets, so that they won't hear it at the [British] police [station in Yagur] and, so that they won't send them reinforcements.

E: So what did you do?
YK: We smashed the door and throw a grenade…

E: In Balad al-Sheikh?
YK: And indeed it never rose again, it's gone.
His full name is Samuel Allon Marshall. We gave him the middle name Allon after my father, Alan, who died unexpectedly in August. The name means 'Oak' in Hebrew. And it was also the name of Yigal Allon, after whom he is also named, who was one of the founders of and later the commander of the Palmach, the elite commando unit of the Haganah, the predecessor of the IDF.
John Quiggin, expert and intellectual know-nothing.
The title of his piece in The National Interest: "The U.S. Lacks Interests in the Mideast"
So clear, so logical, so morally superior, so full of generalizations and ignorant of the details of history so therefore devoid of specifics, so superior, so vain, so self-serving, so utterly useless.

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