Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Both pairs from Greenwald, a libertarian moralist who likes to play gotcha when it suits him. As someone pointed out about the second, Rumble has speech codes.  
Assange is a nihilist, but he's not the issue. And the idiots don't know what free speech means, or why it's important. They defend speech for the same reason they defend wealth, or they defend "good" speech, or just end up defending people or statements and not principle. And they do it blindly. Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez at least are politicians making political calculations. But she has a conversation with Chomsky at Guillotine, and Assange doesn't even come up. And Chomsky of course is a Zionist. Gotcha.

Greenwald has gone from partnering with the founder of Ebay to partnering with the founder of Twitter, helping private wealth undermine the goal of a functioning government, while attacking unions. He's supporting the "third way" candidate in Brazil. But remember, Tucker Carlson and Steve Bannon are "socialists"

And then this: thanking "twitter safety" for asking people to take their mockery down a notch, reminding us of our "common humanity". Hypocrisy turning on a dime is pathological. Greenwald doesn't fucking understand free speech. He defends Tucker Carlson only by denying Carlson's bigotry. But free speech is the right to ridicule, to express utter fucking contempt, to be cruel. It's the defense of the opposite of "acceptable speech". It's the defense of the rights of Nazis to speak and mine to treat them like shit. Better that than management of unquestioned authority. In a free society civility and courtesy are things each of us needs to choose in our own time.

And journalism is ambulance chasing; it's sleazy, vulgar, by definition and necessity.  And since Greenwald brings up his arguments about "political journalists" condemning Zero Dark 30, I'll repeat my review of them, and it.

An honest journalist: "imagine if that one taliban commander had not screwed up my plans to go with them when they conducted attacks, and i had seen that too. isnt that interesting? isnt it important to understand who they are? and most importantly, wouldnt it make for a fun read?"

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