Saturday, May 01, 2021

"Behind the chiliasm of modern man, is the megalomania of self-infinitization."

This last post on Milanovic, and the references/links made me think it's time to make a new list.

"Being alone is both our preference and a response to a world of competitiveness, commodification and higher incomes. The new world that we can glean will not be dystopian. It will be a Utopia, with a twist."

"Her story perfectly illustrates the fact that parents and children suffer the more we privatize caregiving...."

"Our belief in negotiated commitment – that people are not obligated to relationships they did not choose" 

"These relationships [between parents and children] are inegalitarian in deep ways. The parties to partial relationships can exclude others..."  "Legitimate Parental Partiality"

"Xenofeminism. If nature is unjust, change nature."

"We Can't Have a Feminist Future Without Abolishing the Family" Full Surrogacy Now

"I teach a standard Contemporary Moral Issues/Applied Ethics course once a year.... We discuss topics such as abortion, inequality in education, parental licensing,..."

I grew up as a middle class Jew in a black working class neighborhood. When we moved there I didn't have a choice. I had to adapt, to accommodate myself to others. 

I could go on and on just adding related links. Fascism is utopian. Utopianism is fascist. Liberalism becomes fascist because individualism becomes its opposite.

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