Friday, February 05, 2021

I had some exchanges with Duss on Twitter years ago. He's an earnest Zionist. Malley's not good enough. But progress is progress

Everything good about this country is good about every other democracy. Everything great is tied to what others hate and fear. Taibbi writes about Americans for Americans.  So does Konczal. Farrell says "This could be seen as a reflection of the American parochialism that Konczal mentions in passing, but it is, I think, a deliberate political move."  Cooper says Taibbi "used to be really good", linking to Delong. But Taibbi is still covering YouTube's censorship. Still the closest word for it. [They reversed course]

Everything good that's been happening recently in American politics is the drift of mediocrity towards something more humane. I said the same thing 20 years ago. But I still can't have a good conversation with an American.

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