Sunday, February 14, 2021

NYT: Slate Star Codex was a window into the psyche of many tech leaders building our collective future. 
Kate Klonick in the New Yorker, "Inside the Making of Facebook’s Supreme Court"

They're the same story.

Klonick previously, and Alexander.  Arendt's discussion of philosophers' love of death.
Futurism is always fascism.

Things I hadn't read. Two from 2013. No surprises 
TechCrunch: Geeks for Monarchy.
Salon: Silicon Valley Dreams of Succession.

Aaron Swartz, Fascism, Futurism and Data Culture, Law, Liberals Make Nihilism Attractive, Make it Idiot-Proof, Philosophy, Politics, Transhumanism and Transgender, Utopia and Intentional Communities

Alexander/Siskind's racism. And scroll here. Searching for a quote, this was always there for people to find.
Even though I like both basic income guarantees and eugenics, I don’t think these are two things that go well together – making the income conditional upon sterilization is a little too close to coercion for my purposes. Still, probably better than what we have right now.

Like Tyler Cowen's fantasies, hidden in plain sight, or just acceptable until now. 

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