Friday, January 15, 2021

"The choice has been made."

"After such a book, it only remains for the author to choose between the muzzle of a pistol or the foot of the cross. 
The choice has been made." J.K. Huysmans

Party boy rebels and moralists always come home to conservatism. 

The media used to derive its institutional power from this perception of separateness. Politicians feared investigation by the news media precisely because they knew audiences perceived them as neutral arbiters.

Taibbi was always an idiot.

Ames is better, but even when moralists aren't open hypocrites they contradict themselves.

Ames, Jan. 17 

Social media is a giant snitching machine, right alongside its “disinformation” problem. Always surprised me how many eager police informants this country produces, given the opportunity—cuts across ideologies. Once upon a time, snitches were considered the lowest lifeforms.

Jan. 14

Apparently the correct position on AOC fearing for her life is...scorn?  

repeats, of repeats

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