Monday, January 18, 2021

What is striking about the videos, though, is how often this entitlement is laced with insecurity. The attackers profess ownership of this house, but so much of their commentary betrays discomfort and alienation within it, bordering on a sort of provincial awe.

The petulance of angry tourists. An angry herd of anxious individualists, the spoiled American petty bourgeoisie, once bought off,  now in decline.

The sentence above was quoted by The Economist's Middle East correspondent, Greg Carlstrom, on Twitter. AbuKhalil used to say it was the only mainstream publication worth reading, because it was truly international, like capitalism. 

The Parler videos are collected here and  here; the New Yorker writer's video is here

Hoberman reviews  Jaden X, "The Storming of the Capitol", in Artforum

Tape recorders, ordinary cameras, and movie cameras are already extensively owned by wage-earners. The question is why these means of production do not turn up at factories, in schools, in the offices of the bureaucracy, in short, everywhere there is social conflict.

—Hans Magnus Enzensberger, “Constituents of a Theory of the Media” New Left Review (1970)

HOW QUAINT that question seems today.

Hoberman wrote without knowing Sullivan's history, allowing him to bypass the fact that if the people storming the Capital had been black, or associated with BLM, they'd have been shot.  The update and amendation isn't quite enough. 

The cloying theatricality of American protests, or those that attract an audience. Occupy vs Wisconsin, again.

Black Lives Matter sentiment is essentially a militant expression of racial liberalism....Black Lives Matter is a cry for full recognition within the established terms of liberal democratic capitalism.

The black bourgeoisie rising, in racial and class solidarity. Coates is predictable 

Videos from Cairo in 2013. al Sisi's coup: the Muslim Brotherhood records the destruction of their protest camp by the military. Full post-production, color grading and music. They posted the raw footage, but youtube removed it. There's art to this –politicized aesthetics is aestheticized politics– but it's not cosplay. 

NY Daily News. Cops arrest NYC workers during Hunts Point Produce Market strike for better wages. 
The computerized voice, text-to-speech typed into a console by a man in a car off camera. Hollywood dystopianism. Someone should review it.

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