Saturday, July 18, 2020

I was banned at Crooked Timber bit by bit. First by Bertram in late 2007 and then Farrell in early 2008. At some point after that  they had an email exchange (according to Daniel Davies) and voted to ban me entirely.  Some comments were deleted, others "disemvoweled".  My older comments were left up. I kept commenting for few years under various pseudonyms. When they caught me some comments were removed, others made illegible.

Bertram didn't remove my comments from the post above. He just said that was the end. Farrell disemvoweled them. At some point in the last few years they changed their minds, and all of those are now back. I The bracketed "aeiou" is is a remnant of the code that restored them.

I'm not happy with my tone in a lot of them. I try too hard and enjoy myself too much. The anger was justified and my opinions haven't changed. Theirs have been shifting for as long as I've followed them.

But they've restored a lot of comments so I can't say any of it is about me.

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