Thursday, May 04, 2017

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1- Transsexuals are accepted, abortion is not. I’m waiting for the transwoman who come out as an anti-abortion as a woman and a feminist.

“In the last decade, movements for transgender equality appear to have advanced with astonishing speed, while other issues of concern to women’s movements have largely stalled, either making little progress (equal pay) or suffering real setbacks (abortion access). From policy reforms to public opinion trends, it seems that the situation has changed faster, and in a more positive direction, for trans people than for women.”

2-A transman with a plastic cock and the TSA
“Hustling to grab my carry-on and shoes, two TSA agents escorted me to a private room with fogged glass walls and a small table. Once inside the room, the agents started speaking quietly to themselves. I stood awkwardly, adjusted my shirt, opened and closed my fists.
“Sir, we need to know what’s in your pants,” said the male agent, not at all hiding his lingering gaze at my crotch.
“I don’t think that’s any of your business.” I said, trying (and failing) to hold back my rage.
“Actually, it is our business, because we know it’s not a penis,” said the female agent, smugly, like she’d just discovered an important secret.
Before I could think about what to say or how to say it, I reached into my jeans and pulled out my packer (a small prosthesis) and threw it on the table. “There! Is that what you’re worried about?””

3- A hypothetical: A high school football player decides he identifies as a transgender male identified lesbian. He, now she, changes nothing about her dress or behavior, and sues under title IX because there are no urinals in the girls bathroom.

4-A woman who demands the state designate her a man, but who also wants to become pregnant.

5- There’s no logical difference between transgender and transracial
“Their contention is that one kind of claim to an identity at odds with culturally constructed understandings of the identity appropriate to one’s biology is okay but that the other is not – that it’s OK to feel like a woman when you don’t have the body of a woman and to act like (and even get yourself the body of) a woman but that it’s wrong to feel like a black person when you’re actually white and that acting like you’re black and doing your best to get yourself the body of a black person is just lying.”

[Reed is so opposed to identity politics he can't see racism and misogyny in the fetish for blackness and femininity. And race may not exist but female is a biological category.]

6-Candy Darling:

“I’ve been up all night alone, wondering about my identity. Trying to look for an explanation for living this strange, stylized sexuality. Realization cuts feeling off. I try to explain my identity as being a male who has assumed the attitudes and somewhat the emotions of a female. I don’t know what role to play.”

The defense of trans anything is a defense of the moral equivalent of orientalist romance. Eminem doesn’t call himself black. Neither did my brother, and he had just as much right.

Desire is not reality. Wanting to force the world to see you as you want to see yourself is to put yourself beyond criticism. It’s the argument for neoliberal narcissism.

“Some of my best friends are Jews”

The topsy turvy world of Zionism: “I’m a liberal!” Without the need to ask a Palestinian.

“Of course I’m a feminist!! Honey, get me a beer.”

It’s the politics of Chalmers’ “Extended Mind”

Philosopher dude and angry girlfriend:
“No baby… please… I understand you… you’re a part of me! I have an extended mind!”
“In your dreams, asshole. Goodbye.”

The end result of claiming “to see the other in myself” is the denial of the existence of the other.
Get that through your head. It’s obvious.

All that’s left is the self and the community of soi disant enlightened agreement. The politics is obscene.

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