Thursday, May 04, 2017

updated twice.

I googled to to see how many had made the obvious connection. Not many.
see the ratio of likes to retweets. And previous

The source of my comment below...

De Sade
"Ah, Therese!" he exclaimed one day, full of enthusiasm, "if only you knew this fantasy's charms, if only you could understand what one experiences from the sweet illusion of being no more than a woman! incredible inconsistency I one abhors that sex, yet one wishes to imitate it! Ah! how sweet it is to succeed, ... 
and Candy Darling
"I've been up all night alone, wondering about my identity. Trying to look for an explanation for living this strange, stylized sexuality. Realization cuts feeling off. I try to explain my identity as being a male who has assumed the attitudes and somewhat the emotions of a female. I don't know what role to play."
Two lines I wrote elsewhere that are worth keeping.
-Blacks as a group get the benefit of knee-jerk sympathy from liberals that women as a group do not.
-The end result of claiming “to see the other in myself” is the denial of the existence of the other.
Never take anybody at their word. That's called "self-reporting".