Wednesday, September 30, 2015

updated with a second video

I'm not much for TED talks; they're usually the opposite of the best of both worlds. But this one is good. It's a very clear description of art. In one sense it's very standard stuff, but it destroys every argument by anyone who talks about "aesthetics". Most artists aren't capable of being so blunt. They're too attached to their lies.

I've repeated this a dozen times. Lawyers are honest liars.
Doing these cases,” he wrote, “I began to find myself in a dangerous situation as an advocate. I came to believe in the truth of what I was saying. I was no longer entirely what my professional duties demanded, the old taxi on the rank waiting for the client to open the door and give his instruction, prepared to drive off in any direction, with the disbelief suspended."
WATTEAU, Pierrot, (formerly known as Gilles),  c. 1718-19

Videos: Colbert, Some thoughts of Pretending and Honesty, the honesty of Trump.  Marco Tempest, The Magic of Truth and Lies.

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