Monday, September 07, 2015

I leave it up, even as I'm working on it. It's better, less oblique. Still a mess.


Anonymous said...

Oblique indeed. I've been lurking for perhaps a year or two, sometimes nodding vigorously, sometimes scratching my head, often following trails and trails of links and 'repeats' for a while, trying to find the bottom of whatever barrel it is that you're drawing from, and never figuring out what exactly your point is.

I've no doubt there's a reason for being oblique. Perhaps it serves as a filter to put off the trolls and other undesirables, a sort of "he who has ears to hear" strategy. Alas, I often find myself deaf to the tune. I wish you'd be more explicit sometimes, though perhaps that would feel like spoiling the party if I make you tell it straight.

In any event, keep it up. I do on occasion find a little enlightenment in your fragments.

D. Ghirlandaio said...

I knew I'd regret using that word.
If you have a question ask it.