Saturday, June 13, 2015

Comment is Free: There is no comparison between transgender people and Rachel Dolezal.
The author's blog is titled, A Self Made Woman. Sexual neoliberalism. []

repeats: Justine Tunney, narcissism and self-hatred, fascism; the demand that the world see you as you see yourself; the desperate need for approval.

Eminen did not "choose" his modes and manner, and he doesn't claim to be black. Neither did my brother, and neither did I. The few times in my life I was told that I was black it was meant as a compliment, and it didn't give me the right to call myself black, say I was cool, or give myself "the gold star". Compliments by definition are given by others, and people who give them can take them away. That's the fucking point.

My father never called himself white. He was a Jew who looked like a Jew: a Semite. "Are Jews white or black?" etc.

nothing but repeats. it must be summertime.
[if the video goes: I Wanna Be Black, Lou Reed]

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