Wednesday, June 03, 2015

"I imagine CT readers will be particularly interested in CB’s excellent chapter on philosophical defenses of the humanities,..."

People are more complex than their ideas. Preferring people come what may, regardless of their ideas and opinions, is anti-intellectual or vulgar, but following their ideas and their contradictions, their tastes, the preferences that defeat intention, the gamut of their and our behavior and our record of behavior, is the only model of intellectualism we have. The rest is formalism and technics, and in pure reason the conflation of one with the other.

Ideas are flat; people are not.

Brighouse, out of the past: "I would say, in fact, that the first amendment tradition has a terribly distorting effect on American public discussions of free speech."

Google it. I don't have the patience. Please, God, give us an end to the intellectualism of priests.

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