Monday, April 21, 2014

Two more from Holbo, one a repeat, to add to the previous posts
I’m most gobsmacked by his Walter Sobchak-worthy justification for the Confederate flag. “They discriminated but they were honest about it.” Say what you will, it’s an ethos!
As if the person quoted, Clarence Thomas, should prefer hypocrisy.
A quote from someone I knew years ago.
In the south we let niggers live next door as long as they don't get uppity. In the north you let them get uppity as long as they don't move in next door.
"I just watched Pan’s Labyrinth. I liked it. Belle and I debated whether it had a happy or a sad ending. I think it had a happy ending."
The inability or unwillingness to intuit another's imagination, to read duality or irony unless it's telegraphed, or see simultaneously both failure and hope.

I just began to read One Dimensional Man.  Like The Power Elite, the language of modernism and bureaucracy against itself. The Frankfurt School and Weimar decadence. All its weaknesses. so obvious.

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