Wednesday, October 23, 2013

the more things change

repeats of repeats.

Corey Robin now,  and not so long ago.

Again: the two links are to comments by me; and again, the problem is Robin's hollow moralism. Changing times have given him permission to say things in public.  [He admitted this later] The thread itself follows what technocrats would call "low information rationality".

More on Alterman at Mondoweiss.
Lustic, with Blumenthal, on the the Arab bourgeois revolutions.
Blumenthal replies to Alterman

Henry Farrell publishes an essay on the hypocrisy of other people.

Duncan Black
Things Change
In 20 years no one will admit to have ever opposed legal gay marriage. The pace of change amazes me. I do wonder how many people still admit to ever opposing interracial marriage. A majority did, until 1997.
Duncan Black:
"I know and have friends and acquaintances who are African-American..."
"David Duke, president of Americans in Support of Palestinian Freedom." 
Use google.

This has been getting some press.  More old news, but change is change. Laura Rozen told me years ago that State Department staff referred to the changes in Iran as a "lipstick revolution" of no political importance.  She was citing them as experts, not to mock them; mockery was left to Elaine Sciolino [and again]

etc,  etc.

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