Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The science of foreign policy at The Duck of Minerva [also from Dec., here, and here], and of domestic life, at Crooked Timber

A final comment from the first
"There's a range of opinions here that varies from qualified pro-US hegemony to extremely cynical about it."
Qualified support on the one hand and cynicism on the other. Is opposition too 'unscientific'?

"...orthogonal point about the origins of anti-sodomy laws" [reference to the second bracketed link above. All comment are removed. I'd linked to this]
Before Homosexuality in the Arab-Islamic World, 1500-1800
Desiring Arabs

I once asked a Marine on a milblog whether he was a soldier first or citizen. His response was "Semper Fi". That's an alarming response from a soldier whose job is the defense of a democracy. So are you a scholar or a citizen?

Are there any foreigners on your link list? Anyone from the Middle East? A blog on international relations written by and referring only to Americans (give or take a few Euros) is like a blog on gender theory written by and referring only to men, the one objectively nationalist as the other is objectively sexist.

The fiction of objectivity results in the fact of moral passivity.
See the first bracked link above, on Iran.
Linked in another comment: Bacevich[!] at Tomgram: "Uncle Sam, Global Gangster"

Crooked Timber. Comment deleted
"No crab-faced alien can be blamed for transforming me from a slacker in a black dress into what I am today. According to sociologist Annette Lareau, I’m a product of my social class.”

Do we use sociologists now as a crutch, as calculators for self-awareness?

“Mrs Yanelli cleans the home of a Sociology professor…”
I'm the child of academics. There were no servants in our house. Money was not the issue; the decision was based on principle. I am the product of my class and of my parents' awareness of class. I had a girlfriend who told her grad students the should have no time to clean their own homes. They had enough money, thanks to her, to pay someone else to clean. This thread represents the worst of slacker yuppiedom; utter blindness to what you are as people in the world.
"According to sociologist Annette Lareau, I’m a product of my social class.”
No fucking shit.


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