Friday, February 03, 2012

At FP. Finish Him.
"Without international intervention, there's a good chance that Syria's dictator, Bashar al-Assad, could still rule for years."

From comments:
And from a guy who purports to be a scholar and professor.
Do they not get newspapers anymore at Georgetown? No TV, internet? The US history of using war as our primary tool of foreign policy, and of demanding and facilitating "regime change" does not seem to work out well. Is the professor unaware of the last nine years in Iraq? 10+ years in Afghanistan? Chaos in Libya and Egypt? How about the regime change the US wrought to put the Shah in power in Iran, or pick your Latin American thug o' choice. Any jolly successes there?

Oh yes and Yemen's Saleh, now in the US for "medical care."

Can we please stop deciding inside the US which world leaders are allowed to live, and which will die by our hand and then being shocked to find ourselves on the receiving end of terror acts in return?

This kind of article is just simplistic, jingoist hate. Save it for RedState and dump this crap from

Peter Van Buren

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