Saturday, February 11, 2012

So you knew what was going to happen next. Suddenly, conservatives are telling us that it’s not really about money; it’s about morals. Never mind wage stagnation and all that, the real problem is the collapse of working-class family values, which is somehow the fault of liberals.

But is it really all about morals? No, it’s mainly about money.
It's about both.

Brooks (quoted below) I'll repeat it
Democrats claim America is threatened by the financial elite, who hog society’s resources. But that’s a distraction. The real social gap is between the top 20 percent and the lower 30 percent. The liberal members of the upper tribe latch onto this top 1 percent narrative because it excuses them from the central role they themselves are playing in driving inequality and unfairness.
"In the south they let the niggers live next door as long as they didn't get uppity. In the north they let them get uppity as long as they didn't move in next door." Conservatives may make money off of gentrification but they don't move into neighborhoods until after they've lost their "vibrancy". Liberals are more adventurous; they move in next door to the niggers and throw them out. A friend of mine used to live in Bushwick. His conservative Italian and Irish neighbors referred to gentrifiers as "the liberals". The Latinos would just call them rich white kids.

Repeats (ad infinitum) Atrios
"I generally think concerns about the ill impacts of urban gentrification are overblown."

"David Duke, president of Americans in Support of Palestinian Freedom."
Back to Corey Robin

Chris Bertram
"Arguments for the nobility of greed are a recent development."
If, by “recent” you mean 1705, you may be right.
He was quoting and responding to me.  I replied at the time saying yes, that was my point.
My comments have since been removed.

Individualism is an ideology

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