Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rump Modernism:
I read that he [Wael Ghonim] has just signed a deal to write a book for Westerners about the Egyptian "revolution." That is a book I won't read. (I give him credit for donating all proceeds to the families of victims of Mubarak repression). If the Egyptian uprising wants to progress toward a revolution, it has to push aside all lame liberal voices.
I'm not a fan of Ghonim, the man from Google, but AbuKhalil's radical idealism or reactionary authoritarianism -take your pick- is stupid. He's sounding more and more like Brian Leiter, another snobbish intellectual aristocrat (adding a specifically aristocratic/vanguardist argument for violence). Add to that also the anger of the native colonial elite. All dated; and all too fucking predictable.
More stupidity

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