Sunday, May 15, 2011

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I think it should be hard now for anyone to deny the political aspects of what we call "knowledge", given the the things I've read on this page "thick with certain problematic assumptions", given those "stunned by Plantinga's close involvement" or concerned for the "redemptive power of philosophy and one's own religion," given that Noam Chomsky could write "[u]ncontroversially" George W. Bush's crimes "vastly exceed bin Laden’s," and be attacked as irrational, and given that one of the guest editors at Synthese is a board certified 9-11 truther. Chomsky the linguist is a rationalist who discounts empirical data that contradicts his assumptions. And I'm writing this on the anniversary of the Nakba.

The best guard against irrationality isn't reason, its a knowledge of history.
The Synthese Affair
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