Saturday, March 19, 2011

Frege's logic would be the tool, but it is Schlick that developed the program of the free play in conceptual invention. Carnap debased the coin a bit by insisting we should be more modest conceptual engineers. But a scientific philosophy requires worker-bees and philosophical queens.

While I work on historical figures, I am an analytic philosopher
Schliesser again. Reactionary, in so many ways. Hypermodernism; a return to a fantasy of a scientific culture, explicitly anti-democratic this time. Modernism as farce. The discussions on that page and and Leiter's are just sad. As with economics, as with "theory", the primacy of the theoretical is the primacy of an analogy of the ideal. Analogy is a literary device. The archetypical rationalist is a cafe revolutionary, or a man who calls himself a feminist and will brook no argument from women.

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