Thursday, July 29, 2010

Henry Farrell asks: "Why Is Economic Inequality Higher in English Speaking Industrialized Democracies?"
Earlier he asked: "What Produced the Inequality Boom?" 

All he has to do is look at his own value system in historical context–the history of value. 

During the faculty strikes at Temple in the late 70's my father was amused to see that many of the most committed were the from the business school. He was amused by the hypocrisy as he was saddened by the weakness of the response in the humanities departments. The action had moved. And of course he and others who'd been around for awhile didn't think business schools belonged in the academy at all.

You've come a long way Henry.

Culture is constitutive of consciousness. Reading the comments it's funny to watch them working their way around to that. Funny, but at the same time boring, frustrating, infuriating: waiting for an entire generation to enter adulthood. Hurry up please.

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