Thursday, March 25, 2010

Untangling, 1994, cibachrome transparency and light box, 81.5" x 95"

Restoration, 1993 Ilfachrome transparency and light box, 46 7/8" x 16 ft. 7"
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And here. [updated] It's worth zooming around the images in Flash. [the new page includes a link to the archived page]
One of the few living artists whose work has once or twice given me a Stendhal moment. At its best the work is supremely academic, and still alive.

The bottom image: three women, the crossed arms of the two on the right, facing opposite directions and mirroring each other; the contrapposto of the figure on the left; three art restorers, an image of the aftermath of war; three nurses, three graces; cinemascope and The Bourbaki Panorama.

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