Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mash-ups again.
I made another comment after I the realized the obvious: mash-up culture as a culture of reference is pastiche culture, with all that word implies. [and then I discover the Yglesias actually uses the term] Pastiche is to collage as illustration is to art: dependent on its references for strength; like bragging about who your parents are rather than boasting about who you are as their son, or daughter. The distinction is subtle but important.
Rationalists/Conceptualists do not understand performance.

"No idea's original/ There's nothin' new under the sun/ It's never what you do/ But how it's done."

In a passage from one of the Five Lectures on Psychoanalysis Freud says that as the result of a successful treatment repression is replaced by 'a condemning judgment'. He doesn't explain the difference between the two. What's the difference between "I don't want to kill my father and sleep with my mother" and "I don't want to kill my father and sleep with my mother."
That's a decision for the audience to make.

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