Wednesday, February 13, 2008

You have to hand it to Andrew, he Toms from the heart.
I just caught this: Bob Herbert: 1/26
This week, while making the remarkable accusation that the Obama camp was responsible for raising the race issue, Mr. Clinton mentioned Andrew Young as someone who would bear that out. It was an extremely unfortunate reference.

Here’s what Mr. Young, who is black and a former ambassador to the United Nations, had to say last month in an interview posted online: “Bill is every bit as black as Barack. He’s probably gone with more black women than Barack.”
As people have been pointing out, Hillary Clinton is campaigning as a woman and Obama is campaigning as a person, playing to a new post-racial politics (while having the advantage of being a man.) At the same time the older black leadership supporting Clinton is matching her feminism by playing to the racial politics they're familiar with in defense of her husband, while he in turn is playing to white fears. Amazing. And as to the "black on black" aspect, the white press, even the "reality based" communitariat stays silent out of deference.
Meanwhile, the preachers teased Young for wearing "white man's shoes." After King's death, a roast of Young featured him staring at the mirror, saying, "I'm as pretty as Harry Belafonte." Young was not above retaliating, gleefully teasing Lowery for being "one of those curly haired Negroes, he's got good hair, he thinks his hair's better than everyone else." Once in a while King would restrain Hosea Williams when he was beating up on Young with a firm "Now, Hosea," but King could also leap right into the fray, taunting, "Andy, there's not a white man you wouldn't Tom." On another occasion, King promised, "Andy, when the Klan finally gets you, here's what I'll preach: 'Lord, white folks made a big mistake, today. They have sent home to glory your faithful servant, Andrew Young. Lord, have mercy on the white folks who did this terrible deed. They killed the wrong Negro. In Andrew Young, white folk had a friend so faithful, so enduring they should never have harmed a hair on his head. Of all my associates, no one loved white folks as much as Andy."'"

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