Friday, February 15, 2008

The last in a long exchange with a well known American left-liberal journalist.
"I get attacked from the right for being an anti Semite who has dared written about the neoconservatives."

That's the American right, there's no such thing as "the" right. Right and left are relative terms no more or less than "radical" changes in hemlines. Bill Clinton was to the right of Brian Mulroney.
"I have been quite respectful in engaging on this after you accused me of being a bad human being." [I didn't. I said "You're a Jew before you're a human being"] Who killed more innocents, Mughnieh or the Israeli military? Who killed more children in the past 10 years. In the last 30? Simple questions, just run the numbers.
You're not a "bad" human being, but you want to think of yourself as a "good" human being, and you're not.

I don't have a dog in this fight. I don't have a dog in this or any other fight. For better or worse I'm beginning to accept that my sense of morality is mostly intellectual and that not really caring is what it takes to think clearly.
People who defend their foggy thought as clarity bother me, but maybe it's just my sense of esthetics that's offended.

I was in Vegas two weeks ago. Spending time around the losers and the lower middle class brought me almost to the point of despair. One night among the rich the beautiful and the high-rollers was calming. No joke. I was comfortable and relaxed. These people didn't see themselves as victims of the machine, they were the machine. I didn't approve, but I understood. I was bothered by my happiness but I was happy nontheless.
Maybe I'm not a good human being.

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