Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hamas-linked Palestinian legislator Jamal al-Khudari has been working with colleagues in the Popular Committee Against the Siege to organize various mass nonviolent actions in the Strip. The latest, today, was a human chain along the length of the Strip.

Members of the PCAS had previously expressed the hope that some 40,000 Gazans would take part. In the event, only a reported 5,000 did. The rainy weather did not help.

This action is the latest in a string of intriguing nonviolent mass actions supported by Hamas over the past 15 months...

The latest action turned out to be, from some points of view, a bit of a damp squib. But the Palestinian organizers certainly got some useful information about the kinds of preparations Israel will be making for any future such actions. To put it mildly, the Israeli security bosses were running around crazy with their preparations for the big confrontation that they'd expected today.
There can be no serious discussion of the American response to Kosovo without mention of Israel and Palestine. [No serious discussion.]
Hamas and Israelis Trade Attacks, Killing Several
JERUSALEM — In a sudden surge of violence, an Israeli civilian was killed Wednesday in a rocket attack by Hamas militants from Gaza, the first such fatality in nine months, and at least eight Palestinians, militants and civilians, were killed in Israeli airstrikes before and after the rocket attack.
Read that paragraph carefully,
The number at this point is 9, one of whom is Israeli. One of the injured is here. And one of the dead.
Those who see everything in terms of inflexible rules are also often the most willing to trust themselves as arbiters of those rules, even to the point of having the right to break them in the interest of a higher morality. Chris Bertram defends the NATO attacks as just, and defends Israel's rights, as a state, over those of the stateless.

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