Friday, January 25, 2008

Electronic Intifada's Ali Abunimah on the US presidential candidates
Helena Cobban again

John Holbo is an idiot. Nothing new there.
If we replace "fascism" with "authoritarianism" would that shut people up? Or is American academia so divided that there's no one left but Europhile esthetes and people who have no idea that Europeans have actually written books about their own recent past, and indeed are still debating political philosophy? It's the dilettante bourgeois-anti-bourgeois vs. technocratic, liberal boosterism; and no one reads any of the same books unless they were published before 1900. Niewert's review is as bizarro as anything by Goldberg.
Goldberg is an idiot. But the underlying sentiments are not new and are not made only by the right. The dismissal of Goldberg is not a discussion of the issues (issues which Goldberg doesn't even understand) it's defensive hackery.
This is just odd.

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