Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Havng a lot of fun in other places

Religion is used as the foundation of social order, legal and otherwise. Mysticism is called esoteric knowledge because its role is secondary to that of the binding together of the group; a function performed by the continual retelling and reinterpretation of primary religious texts. Religion is law, and priests are judges. Go to Church on any sunday that's what you'll hear.
Religion is like Yiddish. It's been dying for 200 years and it's going to be dying for 200 more. What is not dying, or at least not so quickly -and not quickly enough- is [secular] foundationalism. Drives me fucking nuts.
I can't think of another reason Dawkins would be making a fool out of himself like he is.
"The sky is green"
"No dammit it's blue! BLUE! BLUE!
"The sky is green"
D- takes gun and shoots self.
exeunt omnes.
Secular foundationalism is the metaphysic of individualism. Logically absurd, morally grotesque. And silly.
To replace one illusion with another while pretending otherwise is just hypocrisy.

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