Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A bit more on social democracy in the US.
The prerequisite for Social Democracy is not first and foremost a mature argument for its development; ideas are born out of events and Social Democracy begins with the fact of a middle class that has learned to protect it's interests. In this country the middle class has not done that for decades, preferring to defend a dream of the possibility of wealth. What we are seeing is the gradual return of the attention of the American middle class to its own cause.

Mature, rich arguments in defense of Social Democracy or any other form of social organization come from the depths of that community and are spoken in its language. That language is proprietary to its people. It is not the language of dreamers and odd men out, or of social scientists and technocrats. Their languages are proprietary to them alone.
Culture makes us first, then we may try to bend it one way or another.
The limitations of methodological individualism.

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